BLOG: Jason Stein

Frankfurt: Lights, cameras, technology!

Posted 12:01 am U.S. ET, Sept. 21
Jason Stein is publisher and editor of Automotive News.
By 8:30 a.m. last Tuesday, about the time BMW's new CEO Harald Krueger tumbled to the stage inside cavernous Hall 11, the Frankfurt auto show was veering toward an odd theme. Amid all the predictions of European momentum -- as represented by 90-some new-vehicle introductions -- all anyone wanted to talk about was who wasn't here.Krueger, having recovered from his dizzy spe ...
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Did Piech's prodding revive Alfa?

Posted 4:56 am U.S. ET, July 7
So now that the Alfa Romeo plan is more fully hatched and the strategy is clear -- horsepower and hair-raising versions come first, and mainstream models follow -- here's a nagging question: Do we have Ferdinand Piech to thank for all of this? Are the fingerprints of the former Volkswagen supervisory board chairman all over the Alfa bet? Vielleicht, as the Germans say. M ...
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