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Automotive News First Shift

GM gets a $1 billion legal reprieve

• 1/19/2018

GM gets a $1 billion legal reprieve; Ford's 'do not drive' directive raises questions; Audi still ahead in China; New way to send cars Down Under; Blackberry's cybersecurity tips.

PSA reveals broad electrification plan
• 1/18/2018

AN World Congress: PSA reveals broad electrification plan, Taking a...

Infiniti going big on EVs
• 1/17/2018

AN World Congress: Infiniti to go mostly electric, Cadillac boss on...

Chinese SUV planned for U.S. sale in '19
• 1/16/2018

At Detroit show: China's GAC plans U.S.

Pickup truck makeovers at Ram, Chevy, Ford
• 1/15/2018

Truck time at Detroit show: Ram 1500 roomier, lighter; Silverado efficiency enhancement; Ranger designed with U.S. in mind; Benz G class makes Hollywood entrance; Jetta gets platform boost.

GM robotaxi plan: No driver needed
• 1/12/2018

GM seeks to deploy robotaxis without driver controls; FCA shifting Ram HD from Mexico to Mich., plans U.S. worker bonuses; U.S. mpg hits record high; Daimler's 3-word answer.

Honda gives Insight a sleek redesign
• 1/11/2018

Honda gives Insight sleek redesign; Ford Edge gets fresh look, new safety features; Barra sides with 'Dreamers'; A push to curb deaths on India's roads; 10 years of Smart in U.S.

Toyota, Mazda said to pick Ala. for factory
• 1/10/2018

Toyota, Mazda said to pick Ala. for joint factory; Reuss: GM raising capacity for crew-cab pickups; Connected-car disconnect; Renault-Nissan-Mitsu to invest in startups; CES update.

Sights and sounds of CES
• 1/9/2018

Sights and sounds of CES: Hyundai's fuel-cell Nexo, Kia Niro EV, Toyota tech meets Pizza Hut, New from Baidu, Google; March reveal for medium-duty Silverado; GM beats inventory goal.

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Diesel F-150 expected to get 30 mpg
• 1/8/2018

Diesel F-150 expected to get 30 mpg; Survey: Auto execs bearish on EVs; Volkswagen, Uber to use Nvidia AV tech; Preview of next-gen Hyundai Veloster; Tatsuro Toyoda dies at 88.

Renault, Nissan, Mitsu line up AV partners
• 1/5/2018

Renault, Nissan, Mitsu lining up partners in robotaxi push; VW's crossover conquest move; Ex-CEO paring Uber stake?; New BMW China chief; AV startup ready to take on big players.

Dec. U.S. sales winners, losers
• 1/4/2018

Dec. U.S. sales winners, losers; Tesla delays output goal; VW, Hyundai robocar deals; UAW's new FCA boss; On-the-spot Volvo car wash; When GM lit EV-1 spark; Towering figure dies.

Nissan AV tech taps into brain waves
• 1/3/2018

At CES: Nissan AV tech taps into brain waves, Mercedes blends AI, infotainment, Honda's compassionate robot; Report: Fusion redesign canceled; Long and short of Infiniti concept.

Hyundai, Kia expect their sales to slow
• 1/2/2018

Hyundai, Kia forecast sales slowdown for '18; LeEco founder defies order; Feds open safety probe into Ford F-150, SUVs; Maserati fire risk; Snyder: New or used in 2018?

2017's top hellos, goodbyes
• 12/29/2017

2017's top hellos, goodbyes: Shakeup at top of Ford; Lincoln names MKO'd; Tesla finally delivers; Vamoose Viper; A Honda flies the coupe; Exec retirements, new faces.

2017's most dramatic events
• 12/28/2017

2017's most dramatic events: Gunfire in showroom; VW exec jailed; UAW embezzlement scandal; Hurricanes and wildfires; Dealership up in smoke; The day Blue Oval blew away


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